Dancing Ting

We are a team of multiethnic female dance class and event facilitators, encouraging Afro Caribbean & Latino culture in the Seattle area through dance, entertainment and vibes. We also host other dance instructors that teach classes of Caribbean and Latino influence from local to all across the globe! (Dancehall, Reggae, Soca , Reggaeton, Salsa, bachata etc ). Started back in 2019 as a weekly dance class at Jefferson Park Community Center and now at Jet City Labs in the heart of West Seattle. The new dance studio is a complete vibe! A modern, Speakeasy feel studio with amenities such as womens locker room, shower, sauna, themed lighting and even zoom capabilities to facilitate world wide dance instruction. We will be starting back our weekly dance instruction or Dancing Ting Sundays May 1st 2022 with monthly Workshops featuring Guest Instructors.