West Seattle Art Walk Pop-up Market

 July 11, 2024 

5:00PM - 8:00PM

Here's what's happening...

Join us for the monthly edition of the collaboration between Clay Cauldron & Jet City Labs. A pop-up shop featuring creations from multiple artists in our creative space. Complimentary wine and snacks are provided by Jet City Labs, other items are available for purchase from our snack bar. This event happens during the monthly West Seattle Art Walk (2nd Thursday of each month).

DJs play in the gallery space during the market until 8pm, and then the focus shifts to our Art Walk after party which takes place in Revelry Room from 8pm until midnight, featuring all-vinyl DJ sets by some of Seattle most respected DJs and curators.

No Fee. No Cover.

5pm : Pop-up Market opens. DJ begins
8pm: Market shutdown begins. Revelry Room afterparty begins
12am: Revelry Room closes.


The Clay Cauldron

The Clay Cauldron is a small, private pottery studio that will be offering classes for up to 4 students at a time. Open studio time, kiln firings, studio use and private instruction options available.


Handmade, custom concrete bowls will bring a unique dimension to any home. With multiple functions, these artful pieces add to any room. The bowls are hand poured with custom colors swirled into concrete with no two bowls being the same. The bowl's rustic beauty mirrors the concrete medium with textured variations in every piece.

Artsy Ears

Custom Made jewelry, candles acrylic paintings

Sunny Sasha Pottery

Artisan kitchenware. All art pieces are made by me using pottery wheel and are hand painted. . Every piece is unique artwork.

Avery Ceramics

At Avery Ceramics discover the beauty of hand thrown wood-fired pottery, where each piece tells a unique story of artistry, fire, and the timeless connection between nature and clay

B High on Art

My artistic style mainly consists of acrylic pouring and fluid art, as well as what I call mirror sessions where I impose symmetry using a digital software. The colors that I use in each piece usually correspond to my general mood over a period of time (like feeling "blue") or a genre of music that I am exploring over a period of time (like doom jazz). I focus on the meaning behind the colors, moods, and emerging themes in each of the unique paintings in order to better understand my emotional, mental, and spiritual states at the time of painting. Since fluid art is notoriously difficult to control, each piece is a one-of-a-kind interaction between my artistic side and the laws of fluid dynamics. Each piece also taught me to just "Let go and let it flow" both in my artwork and in my daily life. Once I stopped trying to control the process, the artwork began to flow more naturally and I began to express myself more effectively. It is written in Psalms 62:8, “Trust in Him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before YHWH: for He is a refuge.” And so I did.

Registration ends on July 11, 2024. Check event details above for more info.
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Event posted on July 8, 2024

Event Date & Time

July 11, 2024 

5:00PM - 8:00PM


Jet City Labs

4547  California Ave SW
Seattle WA, 98116

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Jet City Labs

4546 1/2  California Ave SW
Seattle WA, 98116

Detailed Visitor Info

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Finding Jet City Labs


The address is 4547 California Ave SW Seattle WA 98116.  Please enter through the front door.

If you are looking our cocktail bar bar Revelry Room. That can be accessed through the back alley.