Visitor Information

Getting into Jet City Laboratory

The address is 4547 California Ave SW Seattle WA 98116. We are located directly cross the street from Matador.

  • Paid Parking – There are several large parking lots nearby that are fairly cheap – $1-2 per hour. The closest pay lot is the one at 4314 SW Alaska St, Seattle.
  • Free parking –  You may park for up to 2 hours on the major streets around Jet City Labs, between the hours of 8am-6pm. Sundays have free parking.  If you want to park longer for free you can you have to go about 4 blocks east or west of California Ave to get to non-permit parking street parking.

All guests may use the alley for up to 10 minutes to unload/load your equipment.    Just park your car in front of our door and leave your hazard lights on.   Please do not park in our neighbors parking lot to unload your car, it will be towed & may will get an earful from the residents.  

Network > JCL
Password >  FlyingHigh

Jet City Labs only bathroom is located in the Revelry Room. If you have guests of your event under 21 years of age they cannot use the bathroom at our venue. Fortunately, our neighbors at Easy Street Records, or Starbucks can accomodate your kids.

Certain activities and events require all participants to complete and submit our waiver.  

  • The Studio must be returned to the state you found it in.
  • Please turn off the lights.
  • All trash must be removed and taken with you.
    • You cannot use the dumpsters behind the building, you have to take your trash home with you.
  • Both studio doors must be locked on the exit.
    • Press the keypad to illuminate and press the lock symbol to lock the door.

For any and all questions or concerns related to your event call (206) 327-9333

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